Monday, 6 February 2012

Rehearsal Monday 6th Feb

Despite the severe weather conditions not a band turn out for band tonight. Manea of course has its own micro-climate and is very difficult to get in or out of in extreme weather. Although a little short on numbers, a well balanced and overall pleasing practising.

Worked hard on a brass band arrangement of John Rutter's "Distant Land". ...a beautiful arrangement of a choral/ orchestral piece full of expressive suspensions and well orchestrated key changes. A slow delicate piece which really tests the bands soft dynamics. The band coped well and showed massive progress in a final run-through!!

Special praise this week goes to Niki for her 'trombone interjections' in Alice in Wonderland. Our euph turned reluctant trom is just going from strength-to-strength and producting a crackin' trom sound. She truly is a wind powered pitch approximator.

Brass fail of the week goes to Rhiannon for consistantly, unashsamedly, unknowingly playing in the wrong key at the start of Distant Land... Despite stopping about 4 times and me going "WHATS HAPPENING?!?" ...apparently she thought it was 'one of those unsual chords that you like' ...she knows me too well lol.

Must start thinking of a few pieces to amuse drummer Andy, he must be getting fed up with all this slow crap. He did rock Viva La Vida tonight though... (much more inspiring tonight than it was last week!)

Be Good, Learn Lots.
The Boss xx