Sunday, 1 February 2015

Opening for a Principal Euph

As our players and followers know, Manea Silver Band aims to offer something fresh in the Fens. 

We are a non-contesting band, preferring instead to focus on our fun, innovative concert programme.  It’s a great place to let your hair down and we have several members who also play for First Section bands. 

Following our relaunch in 2011, the band is growing fast, adding 11 new players in the last 2 years!  2015 promises to be exciting times for us, with some great gigs to be announced soon, including our first foray into music festivals!

Sadly, our Principal Euph player Malcolm has recently retired, so we have an opening for a Solo Euph.

If you’d like to be part of a traditional brass band with a cheeky modern twist, we’d love to hear from you.  

Why not have a look at our website or join our Facebook group and see what you think? Or better still come along on a Monday evening and have a blow with us – all players welcome. Contact Shaun – – for further details.

MSB And The Shed of Dread!

It was with some trepidation that we brushed the cobwebs aside and ventured into the chilly gloom.  

We’re looking to build our junior band this year, but with many of our more frequently used instruments already out on loan there was only one thing for it – time to delve into the band’s long-untouched instrument stock in ‘Billie’s Shed of Dread’!

But what a cornucopia of delights awaited!  A band geek’s dream of weird and wonderful instruments from all different eras and continents, some beautifully engraved, some masquerading as scrap metal, some downright bloody awful, but almost all playable!

RJ's not too sure this one's a keeper!
We’re really proud of our learners at MSB and recent years have seen a steady stream of youngsters moving through the band.

But we know that a musical instrument is a big investment for a family, so as well as the lessons being free we also offer our learners an instrument on loan for as long as they need it, until such time as they decide to buy their own. 

We now have a lot of cleaning and TLC to perform on these poor neglected objects, but soon they might bring joy to someone’s life again.

But crucially, an instrument only comes to life if there’s someone to play it! 

Newsflash! Howard Trom also does buttons!
At MSB we pride ourselves on bringing music to the local community and making learning an instrument accessible for all.  By continuing to offer free music lessons, we hope to bring brass banding alive for the next generation of musicians.  

So if you or your kids want the chance to learn to play a musical instrument for free then get in touch! We know there’s a treasure trove of talent out there just waiting to be found and polished up!

Waiting for love...

Our learner classes are currently on Mondays, 7pm at Manea Methodist Chapel, before band practice.  Contact for more info.